Goddamn Media ran from around 2008 to 2018. It was a multi media project incorporating arts, broadcasting and events. The online Gallery here represents a very small part of the historical project which happened in conjunction with the physical venue, the Brighton Arts Club (BAC). Weekly exhibitions, gigs, and radio and TV extravaganzas are represented now in flat surface designs, portrait photography, documentary film stills and fine art. These archival images have now been released as purchasable collectable files. They encapsulate a time that has all but passed unnoticed but changed the lives of the artists and musicians involved by providing a creative springboard for exciting futures.


Digital files may be used for personal, educational and non-profit purposes.

Single productions for home use are permitted for one-off pieces of wall art, lightboxes, personal merchandise, gifts etc. Files are owned by the purchaser in the same way that an art print would be owned. The files are collectable and should be archived carefully. They can also be resold in the same way that an art print would be.

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